International Digital Miniprint Exhibition 15

Beginning of the virtual exhibition: November 7, 10 a.m., Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5)

For this 15th edition, the Centre d’artistes Voix Visuelle presented its International Digital Miniprint Exhibition virtually.

All artwork was posted on Facebook, Instagram and the Voix Visuelle website. The public was invited to vote for their favourite artwork, on Facebook or Instagram, Three cash prizes as well as two honourable mentions, were presented to the artists whose work received the most “I like” mentions.

Three prizes and two mentions were awarded:
1st prize (Voix Visuelle prize) to O. Petca, Romania, for Cyberpunk;
2nd prize (Desjardins prize) to E. Montenegro, Canada, for Photowork001;
3rd prize (Marcil Lavallée Prize) to O. Golub, Ukraine, for Keys;
Honorable mention to J. Bertrand, Canada, for Les fantômes veillent sur nous;
Honorable mention to R. Aubin, Canada for Réseau neuronal.

Curated by Katy Le Van, the exhibition featured works from Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Greece, Hungary, India, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Ukraine which explore the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) from several angles.

Looking at these works, we realize that AI allows artists to, among other things, rework their own works or to enrich them. With the help of computer codes, they can create new images, often at random, to the point of losing control of the creative process. In the artistic world, questions could arise, to know if artists must necessarily be the only masters of the result.

In our daily lives, AI is also a worrying issue. Facial recognition seems to be becoming a huge asset for governments, while the majority of the population prefers to remain anonymous. In support of thought, we try to make a connection between our brains and the computer. Could a machine ever equal human beings? What world does AI destine us for? On the one hand, the future looks bright if AI can ensure our survival, but also dangerous if human development is not fostered.

In the gallery below, work is identified by the artists’ names. For the titles of the pieces, please see the list following the gallery.

Work shown:

J. Aird-Bélanger, Canada Exocortex 1 | Exocortex 2
A. Asselin, Canada La Création
R. Aubin, Canada Réseau neuronal | Données personnelles
M. Barti, Hungary Connecting II
J. Bertrand, Canada Les fantômes veillent sur nous
B. Bogart, Canada Zombie Formalist №388 (Twitter Selection)
C. Boucher, Canada Perspective | Expectation
P. Csaba, Hungary Machine Man 02 | Machine Man 03
R. Chevalier, Canada Doxa | Doxa ll
C. Cooper, Canada Who’s watching you
L. Daigle, Canada Humanoïde  | Renaissance 
C. Dallaire, Canada Menu ADN Hologramme 
M. Des Aulniers, Canada L’Arche de Noé – Intelligence artificielle 1 | idem
K. Dimtch, Canada A I’mmortal avatar-stillfantasy 2
A. Dworzak-Subocz, Poland New space I
L. Finet, Canada Sans Algorithme  | Mon Algorithme 
P. Franzini, Canada AI R US I | AI R US II
C. Gendron, Canada Éperdue
D. Gérin, Canada À la recherche d’un signe de vie | Signe de vie
V. Goddard, Canada L’IA et les artistes s’écoutent
O. Golub, Ukraine Keys | Device Romanticism
F. Ikonomidou, Greece Future Memories
R. Kempen, The Netherlands Facial Recognition System  | Eye Recognition System 
I. Kobayashi, Japan Contact | Fusion
D. Lamontagne, Canada Singularité technologique de la créativité | idem pensée
M. Le Bohec, France Civilisation nouvelle
D. Leclerc, Canada La séduction d’IA
M. Manu, India No Space for Love | Trapped in the Web World
M. Márquez, Canada  La servitude guidant le peuple 1  | idem
E. Montenegro, Canada Photowork001
J. Muscat, Canada Allumer, éteindre
A. Paquin, Canada Jeu de figures | Journal intime
M. Périat, Canada Deep Learning… Sensoriel 1 | idem 2
O. Petca, Romania Cyberpunk | Deus Ex Machina
Y. Porlier, Canada Manipulation Génétique Artificielle Modifiée Intelligemment (MGAMI) | Poussière génomique
H. Pouillon, Belgium Le sourire de Foucault 1: surveiller | idem 2: et punir
R. Robesco, Canada Subséquence numéro 2
N. Ross, Canada Dérapages à contrôler | Travaux de haute couture
R. Stanoev, Bulgaria Saturation Point | Sketch Rothbart, Swan lake
S. Swinimer, Canada Human Watch | Scronkfinkle
V. Tytor, Canada Artificial Intelligence and Human Displacement 1
G. Vallée, Canada Décalage dans l’univers de l’intelligence artificielle
J. M. Van Hees, The Netherlands Spins in My Head 1 | Spins in My Head 2
P. Walty, Canada By the Skin of Our Teeth

Le Centre d’artistes Voix Visuelle would like to thank the Ontario Arts Council, Canadian Heritage, the City of Ottawa, AGAVF, Marcil Lavallée and the Caisse Desjardins Ontario for their support.

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